• Bungalow Tent
    Bungalow Tent Rent-a-Tent
    That's easy! Comfortable camping and you do not have to bring anything yourself. It is possible, in this fully equipped bungalow tent. The tent has a generous living space of no less than 5x6 meters with a standing height of 220 cm. The three separate sleeping cabins are spacious and lockable.
    • Electricity
    55,00 per night
  • Rent-a-Tent
    Rent-a-Tent Rent-a-Tent
    Do not take anything with you and just relax in this comfortable tunnel tent. The living space of 450x280 cm is attractively decorated with wooden furniture and has a height of 210 cm. The individual sleeping cabins are lockable. The tent offers space for up to two adults and two children.
    • Electricity
    60,00 per night

Quinta do Castanheiro

Vale Feitoso
3280-116 Castanheira de Pêra
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